25 août 2014


Though the bikini shocked when it appeared on French women wearing it on the beaches of their country, this sexy peace of cloth was nothing new under the sun...  3 400 years ago, Greec women worn bikini-like garments for athletic purposes.  In his writings, poet Ovid suggested that women of his time had a long strip of cloth wrapped around the breasts and tucked in the ends.

This breastband, called mastodeton or an apodesmos, and the partly high cut briefs and partly loincloth, which went with it, were not so different from the ones seen on today's women when they are sun-bathing.  Well, Rihanna's beautiful bikini (photo) may be more sophisticated but, it's the same basis !  After the Ancient Greece era, these breastbands continued to be used as an undergarment in the Middle Ages.  Many historians think that they may have been also used to flatten big breasts and to padd small breasts to look bigger.  An old trick still used today !

The most amazing proof of the existence of bikinis, well before our time, was found in Sicily by Gino Vinicio Gentile, in 1950-60.  In Villa Romana del Casale, he discovered artwork dating back to 286-305 AD, showing "Bikini Girls" weight-lifting, discus throwing, playing with a ball, running and dancing.  Similar mosaics have been discovered in the north of Italy.  There has been no evidence that these bikinis were used for swimming or sun-bathing.  In Ancient Rome, sex workers were also wearing costumes similar to the "Bikini Girls".

It's funny how history can repeat itself or come back to its beginnings !  Maybe bikinis were the first step in clothing history after birthday suits !  When we see these pictures of the "Bikini Girls" of the Villa Romana del Casale, we realize how modern the ancients were !  Think of it !  These beautiful women wearing sexy bikinis were Kate Upton's ancestors !  Read my article about her on my web site STARS ON BEACH (starsonbeach.blogspot.com).

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